Zoning and Land Use Designation

The Zoning [link] designation for the property is a combination of A (Agricultural) and RA (Rural-Agricultural).


Discretionary uses allowed with a Level 5 Use Permit under the RA zoning include Facilities, Private Clubs, and Conference Centers (Subject to the provisions of the PR District Section 13.10.350 et seq); Private Country Clubs associated with residential developement, including such facilities as club houses, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools; Churches and other religious centers; Some categories of schools; Stables, boarding and public riding; and Organized camps  (Subject to the provisions of the PR District Section 13.10.350 et seq).


The General Plan [link] land use designation for the property is RR (Rural–Residential) with a 2 1/2 acre minimum. The minimum lot size is subject to increase based on various factors. The land has been assessed by an historic County matrix system for 5 acre minimum lot sizes, indicating possible subdivision into as many as 14 lots. Based on the underlying land-use designation, it has been also suggested that an application be submitted to convert the A (Agricultural) zoned portion of the property to bring the zoning for the entire parcel to RA (Rural-Agricultural) which opens up the broadest range of uses.


Additional information is available specific to improvements and permitting [link] for the property.

Site Plan [link] showing topography and location of major structures