The current owner has won accolades for his pioneering ecological work to restore the natural California landscape and creekbed with an innovative method of releasing the native seed bank [link]. It has been a labor of love that he conceptualized and painstakingly implemented over the past 29 years, and funded at a personal cost of millions of dollars.


The following article describes in detail the odyssey of restoration that was done to transform the environment at Liberty Garden from a population of over 90 percent non-native invasive species to one of over 90 percent native species. Today there is a domiating population of widespread diversity of native plants, none of which are on the endangered list, where the non-native species that have been allowed to remain have been largely chosen due to pleasing aesthetic or food value:

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The result of these efforts is an oasis of over 250 catalogued species [link] including both native and non-native species. The Liberty Garden ecoscape includes hundreds of native hazelnut trees, multiple stands of pink currant trees believed to be the largest collection in the county, and fields of Danthonium, a native grass that can have a life span running hundreds of years for a single plant.


Following is a small sample of photos taken on-site of the many species that fluorish at the property:

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