Following are the currently suggested options for development of the property:


    I.   Visitor Accommodation Use/Conference Center/Retreat on the existing 74 acre parcel

    II.  Single-Family Estate with 5000 SF Main House and 1200 SF Guest House on the existing 74 acre parcel

    III. Lot Split into two residential parcels, each with a 5000 SF Main House and 1200 SF Guest House, or

    IV. Sub-Division into multiple residential parcels, each with a 5000 SF Main House and 1200 SF Guest House.


The first option would be the recommended course if an applicant wished to retain the majority of existing structures as-built on the property, but all options would likely allow the preservation of the pool complex and tennis court at minimum. A land-use consultant’s report is available outlining the above options in greater detail, including recommendations on strategy for permitting and legalization of the existing improvements, and projections for development.


The physical condition of the land and improvements being purchased is not guaranteed by the current owner, Michael Shaw, who has had a history of disagreements with the County, dating back to 1985 when he pursued a four lot split which he eventually opted not to complete. While no representation or warranty can be made, an histroic matrix indicated possible subdivision to as many as 14 parcels. More conservatively, it is believed that a new applicant should have good chances of success a minor land division creating between 4 and 6 parcels, with the help of a local land-use consultant or architect taking steps to work with the current County planning administration in a collaborative effort to develop the property to its highest and best use.


Due to the complex nature of the property's history and zoning, it is requested that no inquiries be made with the County regarding current or proposed development of the property without the consent of the owner and the guidance of a mutually approved Land-Use Consultant.